Credit Card Data / Datos de la Tarjeta de Credito

This is a Secure or SSL Forms (Secure Socket Layer) for secure communications between you and ITC. These communications are encrypted and use https protocol.

I authorize International Trading Center (ITC) to charge the following credit card every 1st of the month or as needed. Amount to Charge:   Monthly Services, Rental or Lease agreement plus additional services requested.

This authorization will be in effect as long as the services provided and not canceled by the client, in which case, the balance needs to be previously paid. It is the client’s responsibility to update the credit card information when required, expiration, change o card, etc.

Esta es una conexión segura en una Forma SSL (Secure Socket Layer) para comunicaciones seguras entre ustedes  y ITC. La comunicación es encriptada y usa el protocolo https.

  • Please write it just as it is shown on the credit card - Favor escribirlo tal como está en la tarjeta.
  • I authorize ITC to charge monthly to my credit card the basic fee plus additional monthly expenses. - Autorizo a ITC a cargar mensualmente a mi tarjeta de crédito el valor mensual más gastos adicionales.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.