Detailed Instructions to find easily ITC Offices

Address : 777 NW 72nd Ave.  Suite 1075 – Miami FLorida USA

ITC is centrally located at the Miami International Merchandise Mart (MIMM).

The MIMM shares location with the Miami Airport Convention Center (MACC) and the Double Tree by HIlton.

Al three scenarios are connected and located in the corner of 72 Ave and the 836 Road ( The Dolphin Expressway) – south across of the Miami International Airport.

72 Ave = Milan Dairy Road

836 Road = Dolphin Expressway

Entrance is on NW 7th Street

How to get here

It someone is dropping you off – you can stop at the main entrance of the Hotel – The first door on the right to enter the MIMM is the shortest route to ITC – Same corridor – Suite 1075.

If you want to use Valet Parking – you will also find it at the Hotel Main entrance.

For Parking – go to the Left and back of the Hotel.

Then cross the hotel Lobby and enter the MIMM at te front( Hotel Main door) or any of the entrances to the MIMM.

How to get here