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Dear Customer:

All corporations are required to file an Annual Report with the Florida Division of Corporations each year. This report must be submitted between January 1 and April 30 of the respective year.

After April 30, companies that have not filed the Annual Report will pay an additional $400 penalty.

It is important to do it in advance. Please note that during these days the Division of Corporations, due to the high volume of online filing activity, experiences some processing delays.

If the Annual Report is not filed before September 17 of the respective year, the company will be dissolved or revoked from the records of the Division of Corporations.

Florida requires the registration of a “Registered Agent”. service additionally provided by ITC. This renewal must be done together with the Annual Report.

ITC can help you with this process, if you confirm us before March 30.

1. Annual Report & Registered Agent: $260
Includes Division of Corporations Fee, Certificate of Status, ITC Registered Agent service for 1 year.

Annual Report: $190
Includes Division of Corporations Fee and Certificate of Status



In the United States, all states have a similar annual requirement that companies and business entities must comply with. It is the responsibility of each employer to know it in a timely manner and comply with it, bearing in mind that there are penalties for those who do not do so on time.

It is generally called “Annual Report” or “Annual Renewal” or in some cases “Annual Business Tax” or “Franchise Tax”. In some states it is a fixed value, and others it may be variable. Most of them require this procedure to be done in the first quarter of the year. To help them with this procedure and to make sure they do it on time and correctly, they can go to ITC.

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