The International Trading Center (ITC) is an International Business Center in the United States, created in Miami in 2016, which is dedicated to promoting and supporting new companies or international companies that wish to make their way into the U.S. market. At ITC we believe that comprehensive and professional support enables companies of all sizes and industries to seriously consider the US market.
The International Trading Center (ITC) provides companies with the option of having a Smart Digital Office, shared workstation, private office, or a meeting room equipped with the latest technological infrastructure. ITC offers professional services, according to your needs (accounting, web and portal design, digital marketing, business agendas, organization of meetings and events and import and export procedures in general) to support our clients in doing business in the United States.
ITC is a neighbor of the Miami Airport Convention Center (MACC), organizer of important events in different sectors of the industry, which allows our clients to participate in these exhibitions and connect with professionals and potential clients, which will help them grow their business activities. During your visit to Miami, ITC can arrange special rates at the 5-star hotel (Hilton Double Tree).
ITC is strategically located in the best platform the United States has to offer for export/import business, located in the heart of Miami-Dade County, 10 minutes from Miami International Airport, ports and major highways. It is a strategic point that allows you to improve the logistics of the companies that use our services. These advantages allow entering the markets in a more favorable competitive position.

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