Miami, May 2019Letter from the Director


International Trading Center (ITC) welcomes you to our location with new services, new technology, and many projects in mind to work with you.

Based on your needs and expectations, we are prepared to develop different services to work together on the growth and development of your business in the USA.

Our new organization is more dynamic, and will gradually adjust to your needs and those of the evolving markets.


Letter from the Director

User Portal

Wonder how we manage your mail here at ITC?

Well, let us introduce you to the new virtual mail!

No more trips or phone calls to find out what is in your mailbox.

Here at ITC we provide a service that changes everything, and here’s how it Works:

First, we scan your envelopes when they arrive. With a few clicks we upload the images of your mail and assign them to your virtual mailbox.

Right away you receive an email or text alert notifying you there is new mail.

Now you log in to the Virtual Mailbox Portal with your mobile device or laptop, where you can view and manage it.

Through the portal you have the option to decide what to do with each piece of mail.

You can instruct us to forward your mail, open and scan it for you, shred it, deposit a check to your bank account, or hold it for your next visit.

We will manage your requests through a software interface to ensure accuracy and efficiency to complete the tasks.

ITC’s Professional Smart Office (virtual mailbox) makes happy customers because now your physical mail, or “snail mail” is available to you anywhere in the world.


All our customers will have access to this service and the rate will be $80/month.  (More details at SERVICES).


When you are planning to visit ITC, please use our RESERVATIONS  system on our website. This will allow us to provide you a better service. In a few minutes, you will let us know of your visit and your plans and we will be waiting for you.


We have included a webpage with the SERVICES and PRICING.

If you need a different service o some clarification, please contact us, and we will assist you.

Our purpose is to help you be successful in your business activities.

Friendly yours,

CEO and Director