Letter from the Director

We are pleased to announce to our clients and associates, that the new International Trading Center (ITC), has a new organization, new services, more technology, and many projects to develop together with your needs and expectations in different business areas and international business.

Tell us what you need … and we will help you find the information and support you are looking for.

Our new organization is more dynamic, and will gradually adjust to your needs and those of the evolving markets.

At ITC we believe that comprehensive and professional support, enables companies of all sizes and sectors, to seriously consider the internationalization of its markets. We offer businesses the option of having an office, a workspace, a meeting room, a virtual office, and other services, equipped with the latest technology infrastructure with support from a qualified group of professional experts

You are invited to visit us and use any of our multiple services.


New Internet Portal for your “Professional Smart Office

Now your virtual office at ITC, will allow your business to have the prestigious address of the Miami Free Zone in USA, with all the advantages, resources and additional services offered by this location. Additionally, with our new Internet Portal, you can access your physical mail that arrives at your Miami Office. You can ask us to keep it for you, send it to you, scan and send it, anywhere in the world, or several other services designed for your needs.

We are a trading platform and offer:

  • Office Space
  • Smart Offices
  • Business Meetings
  • Showroom
  • General Business Services
    • Corporations
    • Legal Services
    • Bookkeeping & Accounting
    • Support for Business Transaction