Type of Service
SR001P Office and space rentals Professional Smart Office $80 / month
SR001E Office and space rentals Executive Smart Office $130 / month
SR001C Office and space rentals Corporate Smart Office $160 / month
SR002 Office and space rentals Shared Workstation (Includes Smart Office) $260.00 / month
SR003 Office and space rentals Shared Workstation 50.00 / day
SR004 Office and space rentals Shared Workstation 15.00 / hour
SR005 Office and space rentals Private Offices (year lease) $600 / month
SR006 Office and space rentals Boardroom $20.00/ hour
SR007 Office and space rentals Boardroom (maximum 8 hours) $100 / day
SR008 Office and Space rentals Conference Room ( maximunm 8 hrs) $100 / day
PS001 Promotional Services Showroom of the Americas (Physical showcase and Web Portal) $100.00 / month
PS002 Promotional Services Agendas / Business Appointments $80.00 each
PS003 Promotional Services Press Releases (development/distribution) Quoted
PS004 Promotional Services Press Conferences Quoted
PS005 Promotional Services Corporate Events organization Quoted
BS001 Business Services Creation of corporations $600.00
BS002 Business Services Notary $10.00 per signature
BS003 Business Services Trade Missions Quoted
BS004 Business Services Conferences and seminars Quoted
  •  Rates for February 2017. Possible changes at any time without notice.
  • Ask for quotes for special services.
  • Prepayment yearly discounts available.


ITC maintains alliances with more than a dozen companies and entities, and offers these services independently and jointly.

  • Funding for Exporters and Importers
  • Market Studies
  • Immigration Procedures
  • Logistics of Import and Export
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Creation and maintenance of Web pages – eMarketing strategies