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International Trading Center is a private company acting as an incubator and promoter of international business.  adm_negoci-2013_08_06_153446

ITC is dedicated to supporting new companies or international companies wishing to open roads in the United States market, Central America, South America and the Caribbean., or companies or entrepreneurs who want to do business in Latin America.

The ITC believes that good comprehensive and professional support allows companies of all sizes and sectors to seriously consider the internationalization of their markets.

ITC is strategically located on the best platform that the United States can offer to for export/import businesses, located in the heart of Miami-Dade County, near airports, ports, and major highways.

It is a strategic point that allows you to improve the logistics of companies that use our services. These savings allow entering the markets in a more favorable competitive position.

When your company is working with us, we offer you our services and connect with professionals and potential clients that will help you commercial activities grow.


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